2017 Spirit Mountain Casino Grand Floral Parade

One of Portland’s best kept secrets is the weatherproof indoor seating we have for the Rose Festival’s centerpiece event – the Spirit Mountain Casino Grand Floral Parade – at Veterans Memorial Coliseum. Ticket holders have a climate-controlled comfy seat to see all of the action, starting with the “crowning moment” in the pre-parade Queen’s Coronation presented by Unitus Community Credit Union. Every all-floral float is specially-designed to fit through the giant doors of the Coliseum, and since this is the start of the parade route, bands are excited to play for the first people they see. All seats are reserved, so there’s no jockeying for position among crowds on the street, and restrooms (the real kind, not porta-potties!) are always close by. This is one of the rare occasions when the curtains are lowered inside the Coliseum, flooding the building with natural light – just like sitting outside, but with a roof, and announcers add color commentary, creating a fun atmosphere with prize giveaways.